Our Marine-Guard® protectant provides the market’s best protection for gel-coat and painted boats surfaces. Achieve years of protection with one application of Marine-Guard® reducing maintenance and labor costs.

Marine-GuardPerformance and Durability

  • Long Lasting protection
    Marine-Guard® lasts for years, not weeks of months like all other products on the market. One application of Marine-Guard® will last 3+ years. Waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure and the constant attack from marine environmental elements. They absorb grime and pollutants and wash away quickly. Vessels protected by Marine-Guard® are protected for years and require less time for routine cleaning and maintenance increasing time on the water.
  • Protect against the Ultra Violet (UV) damage
    Marine-Guard® possesses natural UV inhibitors protecting the gel coated surfaces against the costly and ugly effects of oxidation, color fade and chalking.
  • Simplify clean up
    Marine-Guard® repels debris buildup such as salt crystal adhesion and sea growth expediting clean-up and maintenance and providing lasting shine and protection. Bird droppings, salt and pollutants wipe away quickly and easily, minimizing labor costs.

Boost Performance and Fuel Efficiency

  • Minimize drag
    Marine-Guard® nano-particles fill and smooth microscopic surface pores, resulting in less drag, optimizing performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Make a lasting impression
    By keeping surfaces looking new, Marine-Guard® helps to maintain and improve corporate and personal brand identity, making a positive impression and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Protect the Environment

  • Minimize impact
    Because ToughGuard® helps prevent debris buildup and makes vessels easier to clean, less water and fewer cleaning chemicals are needed for routine maintenance and cleaning. Saving fresh water and reducing chemical usage helps our local and global environments.
  • Reduce carbon emissions
    Decreased surface friction also results in reduced carbon emissions and greater fuel economy helping to reduce your global carbon footprint.

Marine-Gaurd® – Powered by ToughGuard®

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Customer Feedback

As you know we have applied ToughGuard to a number of our inland push boats, and overall we are very pleased with the performance.  We move barges filled with petroleum coke, which can be very dusty when it dries, and other products that can leave a layer of dust on the boat while in transit.  The boats with the ToughGuard application have a much easier time cleaning the boat off than the ones without the application.  The pet coke for instance has to be scrubbed off the boats with no application and the boats with the application simply have to wash the film off with a pressure washer.  This reduces the time the deckhands have to spend cleaning the outside of the boat, thus freeing them up to other daily chores on the boat.  I would recommend the ToughGuard application to anyone looking for a way to keep their boat cleaner with less effort.

Gabe Gattle – Vice President of Transportation, Terral River Service, Lake Providence, LA

“After a 12-month evaluation of over 30 paint protectant products, Raytheon specified ToughGuard® as the best product available and is now used to protect the Aegis Radar System on over 40 Arleigh Burke Class Naval Destroyers.” Raytheon – Defense and Aerospace Systems

United States Navy – Ticonderoga Class Cruiser USS Port Royal (CG-73)

“I have been onboard three-and-a-half years and we have used ToughGuard® once a year on our antennas. Since they are technically considered radars, we have to be careful what we use on them, but we have had nothing but compliments on them while using the ToughGuard® kits. And with the constant warm weather and being exposed to the sun day in and day out, this product has held up with no problems at all. And washing the stack gas off of them is a simple task, also, compared to other pieces of equipment that we have to spray down that don’t have ToughGuard® on them.”

Sport Fisherman Herb Brackman, Edmonds, WA

“When our brand new fiberglass Campion 542 Sport Cabin fishing boat came back from its inaugural TOUGHGUARD® application, I took the boat back up to the dealer in Everett to have the rest of the outfitting done, and they couldn’t believe the change in the look and feel of the gel coat! Mind you, this boat was brand-spanking new and it still made an amazing difference in the finish of the gel coat.”