True Aviation Grade Paint/Gel-Coat Surface Enhancement and Protection

The Highest Performing Surface Protection Coating Available

Enhancement & Protection

5-7 Year Automotive

Enhancement & Protection

2-3 Year Marine

Enhancement & Protection

5-7 Year RV

Enhancement & Protection

2-3 Year Aviation

Our proprietary paint protection technology safeguards the surface of your automobile, motorcycle, boat, RV, or other vehicles.

Paint Protection When It Matters Most

ToughGuard protects the paint on your vehicle, aircraft, or boat from harsh outdoor elements that can damage your equipment’s surface. It works by filling in the microscopic pores of your vehicle’s surface so nothing can stick to it. This creates a smooth surface that is easier to clean and resists wear. Our surface sealer can withstand harsh climates and weather.

ToughGuard for Automobiles

Your car’s paint job will last longer and be more resistant to the elements with ToughGuard. Our unique resin-based formula bonds with paint for protection that lasts years, not months. It is free from silicone and Teflon and is the only product that uses nanotechnology to bond to your vehicle’s surface pores. The glossy finish enhances the appearance of your car’s finish.

ToughGuard for Yachts & Marine Craft

Protect your yacht or other marine craft from UV damage, saltwater, soot, pollution, insects, and other contaminants. ToughGuard has proven scientific Our superior paint/Gel-Coat protection product from sticking to your boat, making it easier to clean and maintain. Our formula lasts for up to three years with one application, so your boat will look great for longer with minimal maintenance.

ToughGuard for Recreational Vehicles

Whether you have an RV or motorcycle, ToughGuard helps you keep it well-maintained and looking great. It protects your paint, chrome, windshields, and lights, so you never have to worry about corrosive materials again.

ToughGuard-Aero for Fixed-winged Planes & Helicopters and other Aircraft types

ToughGuard protects your personal or private aircraft from the elements and improves performance. It creates a barrier between your aircraft and contaminants, allowing your plane to fly more efficiently with lower fuel costs. The sleek finish also leaves a great first impression.

ToughGuard Protects Your Vehicle AND the Environment

A study commissioned by Boeing shows that a smooth, clean surface reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency.

ToughGuard protects your paint, which helps your vehicle last longer. It repels corrosive contaminants like bugs, bird droppings, soot, and contaminants.  Fewer chemicals and water needed for washes, fewer repaints, and longer lasting vehicles are better for the environment.

ToughGuard protects the best-looking planes on the ramp. And protects the environment!

ToughGuard Makes It Easier to Maintain Your Equipment

We know you are busy and don’t have the time to recoat your equipment’s surface continuously. We also know you love your boat, plane, or car and want it to last as long as possible. At ToughGuard, we are committed to making it easier to own a commercial or recreational vehicle, boat, or aircraft. Our products last for years to keep your surfaces looking great for longer.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Your paint protects your vehicle. ToughGuard protects your paint. ToughGuard products lower maintenance costs by preventing corrosive contaminants from sticking to your vehicle’s surface. ToughGuard guards against UV light, dirt, rain, caustic chemicals, bird droppings, and so much more for superior protection you can count on.

Striking Finish

ToughGuard products add a glossy finish to your equipment, enhancing your machine’s appearance and leaving a great first impression, whether it is a commercial airplane or a luxury vehicle. Paint protection has never been so beautiful.

More Efficient Operation

ToughGuard is designed to save you time and money. Because it keeps contaminants from sticking to your aircraft or vehicle, it allows them to be more fuel-efficient and aerodynamic. It also reduces the amount of time you spend washing your vehicle, boat, or airplane.

Extend the Life of Your Paint by up to 50%

ToughGuard has been shown to dramatically extend the life of your paint by as much as 50%. This makes it a great investment, saving you money on a costly paint job.

Environmentally Friendly

At ToughGuard, we are committed to protecting the environment. That is why our proprietary resin-based formula is safe. Because it makes your boat, plane, or vehicle more fuel-efficient, it also helps you reduce your carbon footprint. It also helps your surface stay cleaner, longer, so you use less water to maintain your vehicle. We are committed to all of the ways the right paint protectant can make a huge impact.

What Makes ToughGuard Different?

At ToughGuard, we are committed to running an ethical company that brings top quality products to our customers while benefiting the local community and the global environment. We believe in making a difference one surface at a time.

We have been serving the community and protecting the country’s most valuable assets for more than 30 years. We work with the United States military, including the Air Force and Navy, to protect their military aircraft and marine vessels.

Our products also cover yachts, commercial airlines, corporate aircraft, private aircraft, boats, automobiles, and municipal vehicles.

Commitment to Sustainability & Quality

At ToughGuard, we are committed to protecting the environment without sacrificing quality. That is why we make sure our products are safe, environmentally friendly, and designed to reduce our customers’ impact on the environment.

Patented, Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary formula is free from Teflon and silicone. It relies on nanotechnology to deeply penetrate the pores of your paint job so nothing else can. This is the secret behind both our superior protection and our beautiful finish.

Continued Product Testing

At ToughGuard, we are committed to innovation. That is why we continuously look for ways to enhance and improve our products, so you always know your vehicle is getting the best care. To learn more about the impact of our high-quality paint protection products, check us out at one of the many dealers that carry our products.