For over 3 decades ToughGuard® paint sealant products have, enhanced, protected, and added service life of customer’s high-value assets worldwide.

Into its 3rd decade of existence, the ToughGuard® product line has realized great success protecting some of the world’s most recognizable and valuable assets including; US Air Force & US Naval assets, commercial airlines, corporate aircraft, private aircraft, yachts, boats, automobiles, and municipal vehicles.

In 2012 Dan Reid became the new owner of the ToughGuard proprietary / trade secret formulations and set a new course for the business. ToughGuard® has been tested, vetted and approved by both The Boeing Company, Embraer S.A., Volvo A.B. and Ford Motor Company. Currently ToughGuard paint sealant product is still gaining approvals of major aerospace OEMS.

In 2021, the name of the company was changed to, ToughGuard High Performance Coatings, LLC. The reason for this change was due to the addition of our ToughGuard NHP Xtreme coating. This product is a game changer for extending existing paint systems and new paint systems service life. For more information please visit:

Development of new innovative protective coatings and the continual improvement of our existing products is a core foundation of the ToughGuard High Performance Coatings company. Our company will continue to serve our customers with the best products that truly deliver amazing results.