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Further testing and lab results have produced upgraded formulas, and customer satisfaction has marked the ToughGuard brand as a growing monolith in the field.  ToughGuard has been tested and approved by impressive clientele including The Boeing Company, Embraer S.A., Volvo A.B., Ford Motor Company, and is currently gaining approvals of other major aerospace OEMS.    
The name of the company was changed to ToughGuard High Performance Coatings, LLC in 2021.  This change was due to the addition of ToughGuard NHP Xtreme coating.  This new product is revolutionary for extending service life of existing paint systems and new paint systems.  The foundation of ToughGuard High Performance Coatings company is developing new, innovative protective coatings and continuing improvement of existing products.  ToughGuard will continue to serve customers with the “best of the best,” products that truly deliver exceptional results.

The ToughGuard paint sealant product is a one-of-a-kind surface protective coating in that it incorporates a unique natural, inorganic resin that is derived from two distinct and rare minerals that are minded from the earth. These organic minerals are transposed into liquid form during the manufacturing process and then blended with eleven other components at just the right time and temperature specifications. The TG paint sealant product is an extremely complex and exact formula that sets it a part from all other competitive products. 

It’s the “Resin”! The resin when cured onto to paint, clear-coat or gel-coat physically bonds to the surface. It doesn’t just lay on top of the surface like all other products – it mechanically bonds with the paint, clear-coat or gel-coat. This resin, when cured, becomes a true protective barrier layer that protects the paint, clear-coat and/or gel-coat from harmful environmental elements such as: UV Rays, chemicals, volcanic ash, pollution, bird droppings and insect splats, salt water and tree sap. 
Not only does the TG Paint Sealant provide unmatched protection against harmful environmental  elements, it significantly enhances the paint, clear-coat and gel-coat. Verified gloss meter readings of 98.3 (at 85 degrees). The depth of shine and gloss are greatly increased with the use of the TG Paint Sealant. 
Third party testing conducted by NIAR (National Institute of Aviation Research proved that TG Paint Sealant brilliantly withstands and protects against the unforgiving and increasingly destructive Ultra Violet rays. TG Paint Sealant maintains color and gloss even in the most severe conditions on earth. 

  • Extreme Abrasion Resistance
  • Extreme Chemical Resistance
  • Easy Clean/ Maintenance Finish
  • Fast Curing
  • Extreme Crack-Resistant Flexibility
  • Extreme UV Protection – Weatherproof
  • Extreme Operating Temperatures
  • Up to 7H Pencil Hardness
  • Low VOC’s (California Compliant)
  • Excellent Fire Retardant Properties
  • Excellent Ice Repelling/ Resistant Finish
  • Ultra High-Gloss Finish Option
  • Military Grade Flat Matte Finish Option
  • Full Color Restoration
  • 100% Inert Cured Finished State
  • Up to 30-Year Life Expectancy
ToughGuard recently conducted testing at independent facilities including the Oregon Nanoscience And Microtechnologies Institute (ONAMI) and Scientific Materials International (SMI) Miami, FL to verify the brand’s validity for use in land-based transportation, marine, aviation and aerospace industries, and to verify its compliance with industry standards.  
ToughGuard NHP Xtreme applied as a top-coat in new paint applications extends the service life of current paint systems by 10+ years.  Applied over highly oxidized paint coatings, ToughGuard NHP Xtreme restores and extends the service life of the underlying faded/oxidized paint systems.  The 3D nano-structured, high gloss polyurethane clear coat product is unrivaled in the paint coatings industry.  The multi-functional coating produces results never before seen and these results have been validated by a number of global customers in a multitude of industries and applications.  
ToughGuard products can benefit almost any painted surface by providing a durable, contaminant resistant finish that is extremely long-lasting and easily maintained.  These products are known for protecting some of the world’s most prized vehicles, industrial machinery, and equipment of all kinds.  NHP Xtreme protective coatings incorporates advanced chemical and manufacturing technologies that remain unmatched in the business
“This company is the steward of proven products we are re-energizing with professional conduct, integrity, and ethics.”  – Dan Reid, Current Owner and President, ToughGuard LLC
ToughGuard LLC protective coatings have been trusted by corporate, private, and military customers for decades.  The durability and performance of ToughGuard has benefited these clients with superior protection of high-value assets.  ToughGuard products will reduce maintenance and labor costs for several years and protect gel coat, metal and glass surfaces against challenging environmental elements.
ToughGuard is committed to manufacturing and supplying customers globally with eco-friendly products that are unquestionably the “best of the best” in surface protection.  ToughGuard is contracted with one of the world’s most advanced Nanoscience research laboratories, as well as several other highly credentialed testing facilities in North America.  ToughGuard is continuing to explore new ways to improve and innovate existing products as well as new developments.  The brand’s commitment to product improvement and new product development ensures customers will receive the most cutting-edge protective coatings available today.  
“ToughGuard’s foundation is principled on operating an ethical and honorable company; delivering superior products to the marketplace, creating value for customers, benefitting our local and global environment.”