Militaries around the world spend billions of dollars every year dealing with corrosion issues of their assets. Wear and tear on military equipment is at an all-time high. Fewer military assets stretched around the globe make it more imperative to have these assets operational and in excellent condition. The Toughguard NHP product offers a shift in the age-old paradigm of outdated paint systems offered to our military year after year. Global paint companies keep producing and selling inferior “locked-in” repaint cycles paint systems these companies can count on year after year – like an annuity if you will. Our revolutionary 3D polymer system is truly remarkable offering militaries a superior option designed to extend the service life of painted U.S. military (and friendly militaries) assets. Toughguard NHP will; reduce procurement costs, reduce labor time, extend the life of paint, reduce downtime of important assets keeping them in the field rather than in dry dock or paint booths.

Other Products


Company transport, whether road or rail is constantly on the move advertising board for your business, and the condition and aesthetics of these vehicles represent your companies image and brand 24/7.


ToughGuard’s surface protection system is the finest available.


Our Marine-Guard® protectant provides the market’s best protection for gel-coat and painted boats surfaces. Achieve years of protection with one application of Marine-Guard® reducing maintenance and labor costs.


Protect your pride & joy with the BEST paint protection product on the market- ToughGuard!


ToughGuard's NHP product range offers the aerospace/aviation industry an uncompromising clear coat paint system unequaled in today's coatings business.