Improving Your Bottom Line

Lower drag = Fuel saved
But there are other money-saving benefits that ToughGuard-Aero® delivers

Reduced Labor Costs

According to Boeing, surface coatings have been observed to reduce washing frequency requirements for commercial airplanes, with a typical improvement from a 60-day to a 240-day cycle. Because of our formulation, a properly protected aircraft will see a reduction in the amount of time required to maintain a clean appearance thereby reducing labor costs.

Reduced Drag

Boeing research shows the most effective means of reducing drag is by maintaining an aerodynamically clean airplane. The resulting reduction in dirt and insect adhesion could result in reduced excrescence drag. Increased fuel efficiency is a net result of maintaining clean aircraft.

Boeing: Surface Coatings & Drag Reduction

Paint-Life Extension

ToughGuard-Aero®’s barrier protects the paint against surface degradation. Because the paint is protected against harmful environmental factors the lifetime of the paint is extended by up to 50% of the normal paint life expectation which adds to your bottom line.

Boeing estimated fuel burn penalty of unwashed airplanes

Airplane ModelFuel Burn Penalty
Next-Generation 7372,200500 nmi mission
2,420 flights/year
7677,0003000 nmi mission
725 flights/year
787-810,3006000 nmi mission
470 flights/year
77715,5006,000 nmi mission
470 flights/year
747-400/-821,7006000 nmi mission
470 flights/year

The expected fuel burn penalties associated with an unwashed airplane are based on the listed reference mission stage length and number of flights per year, factoring the results for alternate usages. The penalties also assume the same ratio of contaminated area to the airplane’s respective reference wing area exists, as was observed in an inspection of an in-service 747 airframe (12 percent). If an airplane has a greater level of surface roughness, and/or a higher percentage of surface area being contaminated, the actual fuel penalty may be higher than shown here.

Other Formulation

Test Results

It’s one thing to talk about performance and another to back it up with independent laboratory testing and real-world results. The performance and durability of ToughGuard® is validated by both.


Certifications prove that our products have conformed to industry standards and specifications for use as a surface treatment.


ToughGuardAero® has a high temperature thermal threshold of +450 F and a low temperature thermal threshold of -80 Fahrenheit. Traditional waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure, absorb buildup and pollutants, and wash away with detergents. ToughGuard-Aero does not!