Our Formulation

Our Formulation

TOUGHGUARD’s unique natural inorganic resin-based formulation physically bonds with paint providing customers with the ultimate paint enhancement/protectant product on the market

ToughGuard Enhances & Protects Paint for Years – not months

ToughGuard is the industry’s standard for paint enhancement and durability. Even ceramic coatings cannot touch the science, history, and performance of the ToughGuard paint sealant product. ToughGuard’s® 450ºf thermal threshold makes it virtually impossible to melt off, unlike competitive products.

What differentiates ToughGuard from all other products is our proprietary formulation. Within the formulation is a natural inorganic resin that is solubilized during the manufacturing process and remains in suspension until the product is applied. It is during the curing process that this resin bonds with the clear-coat, paint, or gel-coat and once fully cured, becomes an impenetrable barrier coating that will withstand and protect against harmful environmental elements both natural and man-made. ToughGuard is free of Teflon® and silicon has anti-static properties and is the only product of its kind that employs Nanoscience technology to create microscopically smooth surfaces.

Gloss Enhancement – It’s the Nano Resin

ToughGuard is the only protectant available in the global market that has been scientifically proven in ultimate protection. ToughGuard’s Nano-Resin is derived through trade secret manufacturing processes. When applied, the Nano-Resin cures and physically bonds with the paint creating a clear barrier coat of protection against harsh, damaging environmental elements. The ToughGuard Nano-Resin paint protection system greatly increases gloss levels even to new paint.

Nano Science at Work

The Nanoscience in TOUGHGUARD’s natural inorganic resin enables our high-performance solution to cross-link and embed deeper and bond denser inside the microscopic cavities of your asset surface. The greatly increased number of smaller particles allows more attachment points which produce a protectant with much stronger durability. As these embedded particles self-level and harden, a flatter and perfectly smooth finish is the result. Dirt and contaminate particles now have an inhibited ability to attach to the surface.

latest Formulation

Test Results

It’s one thing to talk about performance and another to back it up with independent laboratory testing and real-world results. The performance and durability of ToughGuard® is validated by both.


Certifications prove that our products have conformed to industry standards and specifications for use as a surface treatment.


ToughGuardAero® has a high temperature thermal threshold of +450 F and a low temperature thermal threshold of -80 Fahrenheit. Traditional waxes and polishes deteriorate from heat exposure, absorb buildup and pollutants, and wash away with detergents. ToughGuard-Aero does not!


Improving Your Bottom Line Lower drag = Fuel saved But there are other money-saving benefits that ToughGuard-Aero® delivers